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Today, April 26th is a good day. It is the last night of production which means I will never have to spend countless hours at the Herald again.

No more not being able to go home till 2 or 3 in the morning. (The worst was when I was here till 4:30 but that was because it was an eight page issue.)

It is funny though how there is a circle to anything we do.

When we were in the ninth grade, and at the top of the chain, it was a great feeling to be the top dogs.

But then you enter the 10th grade, and suddenly you are right back to where you were a mere two years ago. At the bottom, feeding off the scraps from the kings and queens of the 12th grade. I was one of the lucky ones because when I entered high school, it was the same year that 9th grade got to move up too. So people focused their attention on them.

And so here I am again.

Top of the food chain as editor. Just to have it taken away once again when I graduate and have to take a low-level entry job where I probably won’t even get a byline. There is definitely a circle-of-life feeling to that.

And it makes me want to hurl.


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