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200px-lego_logosvgAnd you thought Lego Indian Jones was bad.

Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive has confirmed they will release a version of the popular party game Rock Band to incorporate the LEGO universe.

The game, LEGO Rock Band, is being created by TT games ( LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Batman) in partnership with Rock Band developers Harmonix, says a statement from Warner Bros.

So far, the publisher has released five of the songs that will be available when it releases this Christmas:

  1. Blur – Song 2
  2. Carl Douglas – Kung Fu Fighting
  3. Europe – The Final Countdown
  4. Good Charlotte – Boys and Girls
  5. Pink – So What

Players will be able to “customize their minifigure avatars, band and entourage, including roadies, managers and crew.” The games will appear on the Nintendo DS and Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

According to an article on IGN, managing director of TT games Tom Stone said, “Lego Rock Band combines two compelling properties, and creates an experience that family members of all ages will enjoy playing together as a group.

I guess there is no end to marketing a product.


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Electronic Arts sent out brass knuckles to promote their newest video game: Godfather II.

Electronic Arts sent out brass knuckles to promote their newest video game: Godfather II.

To promote their new game, The Godfather II, Electronic Arts mailed a set of brass knuckles to video game journalists together with other goodies including a cigar, a silk handkerchief and a book of matches in attempt to complement the game’s mafiosi theme.


There is only one problem.

Possession of brass knuckles is illegal in many states and can carry hefty penalties which would make the recipients of the promotional tchotchkes common criminals.

According to a Yahoo games article, “the publisher began a flurry of hush-hush phone calls to arrange the return of the weapons. EA declined to comment beyond expressing a desire to assist journalists in proper disposal of the items.”

Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if the game didn’t suck so hard too. I rented it from Blockbuster from Friday and played for maybe a couple of hours before I gave it up. Their attempt at mixing strategy and action failed miserably and totally ruined the Godfather franchise in less than one day. 

Read GameInformer’s review of Godfather II, here.

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Wanted: Weapons of Fate allows the player to play as Cross.

Wanted: Weapons of Fate allows the player to play as Cross.

Video games based on movies hardly ever do well. Point and case: Catwoman. Of course, that was a pretty bad movie to begin with so it is no surprise that the video game stunk as well. The only thing appealing was Halle Berry.

Recently I downloaded a demo for the new game Wanted which is based on the movie of the same title starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy.

The game is not just a retelling of the movie, which is encouraging because it means more time and effort could of been put into this game. Especially since it wasn’t released the same time that the movie was.

In the demo, you play as the father of McAvoy’s character and you have to shoot, stab and break necks through an airplane as you make your way to the cockpit. It’s a fairly short demo, as most are, but for the most part I did like the game.

If I had to rate it, I would give it about a seven. Which seems rather low, but there were just key things that I didn’t like.

  1. Curving the bullet (which is one of the key points in the movie) takes too long in the game. You have the aim the curve and try to highlight the enemy before you shoot. And it may or may not kill the target
  2. As far as I can tell, the voice acting is not done by McAvoy which is kinda disappointing because if you are going to do a video game based on a movie, you would like to see the actors reprise their roles.
  3. Shooting is just too sporadic. You can aim but the bullets seem really inaccurate unless you use the special ability to slow down time. (As seen in the Max Payne series)

One thing I did like was the fact, that there were three levels of difficulty. The lowest difficulty was entitled Pussy. That just makes you want to play on one of the harder settings.

Wanted: Weapons of Fate is probably a rent only game.

Check out an interview with Pete Wanat who is the executive producer behind Wanted: Weapons of Fate on gameinformer.com

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According to an article on GameInformer, Guinness World Records has compiled some of the biggest records for the hit franchise.

Most Successful Entertainment Product Launch

On April 29, 2008, Grand Theft Auto IV generated $310 million of sales worldwide in one day, five times the revenue generated by The Dark Knight in its first 24 hours of release.

Most Controversial Video Game Series

The GTA franchise has been the most consistently controversial game franchise in history. Over 4,000 stories news stories have been published about it, with accusations ranging from glamorized violence, alleged connection with real-life crimes, and the presumed corruption of gamers. Numerous lawsuits have also been leveled against Rockstar Games. GTA IV was even banned in Thailand!

Largest Voice Cast in a Video Game

GTA IV boasts a total credited cast of 861 voice actors, including 174 actors playing named characters, DJs, and TV voiceovers. Many of the additional 687 voices were volunteered by people who just wanted a chance to be heard in the game.

Highest Production Budget

In an interview with The Times in April 2008, GTA’s producer Leslie Benzies estimated that production costs on GTA IV reached $100 million, smashing the previous record of $70 million set by Sega’s Shenmue.

Largest Grand Theft Auto Environment

GTA: San Andreas features the largest playing area in the series. Up to four times larger than the other GTA titles, it contains three cities, 12 towns, and many miles of virtual countryside with an area of roughly 17 square miles.

Largest In-Game Soundtrack

GTA IV features 18 radio stations playing 218 licensed tracks, beating the previous record of 156 songs set in GTA: San Andreas.

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