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Today, April 26th is a good day. It is the last night of production which means I will never have to spend countless hours at the Herald again.

No more not being able to go home till 2 or 3 in the morning. (The worst was when I was here till 4:30 but that was because it was an eight page issue.)

It is funny though how there is a circle to anything we do.

When we were in the ninth grade, and at the top of the chain, it was a great feeling to be the top dogs.

But then you enter the 10th grade, and suddenly you are right back to where you were a mere two years ago. At the bottom, feeding off the scraps from the kings and queens of the 12th grade. I was one of the lucky ones because when I entered high school, it was the same year that 9th grade got to move up too. So people focused their attention on them.

And so here I am again.

Top of the food chain as editor. Just to have it taken away once again when I graduate and have to take a low-level entry job where I probably won’t even get a byline. There is definitely a circle-of-life feeling to that.

And it makes me want to hurl.


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How is this video any worse than some of the commercials that have not been band?

Victoria Secret commercials get away with showing women in bra and panties so why does PETA get punished for doing the same thing. It doesn’t make sense to me.

It does everything a commercial is supposed to do. It has sex. It grabs your attention. And it is somewhat funny. “Vegetarians have better sex.” is a great tag line.

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On January 20 Barack Obama was official sworn in as the president of the United States. To celebrate, Marvel comics released a Special Inauguration Day Edition comic of ‘The Amazing Spiderman.’

Years ago, my uncle gave me all of his comic books that he collected over the years. There were too many to count, but if I had to estimate I would say probably close to a 1,000. One my favorite comic books and animated television shows is Spiderman. So I just had to get my hands on this rare comic book.

The closest comic book store that I could find was in Little Rock but they were sold out of the first print editions. They told me they could put me on the waiting list for the 2nd print. But who wants that? I had my eyes on the big prize.

Luckily several copies were being auctioned on Ebay. At first I tried to set limits for myself. I would not spend this much money on a comic book. But my efforts failed because I was constantly outbidded. But finally after nearly three days I won. I spent nearly $68.00 but I feel as if it was well worth the price. (I paid nearly 64 dollars more than the retail price)

If you feel that I was ripped off or am a idiot for spending that much money on a comic book. You are probably right. But consider this, some of the comics were going as high as $130.00. They were averaging around $80. So I feel that I got somewhat of a deal. Not as much as ‘Designer Diva’ (the person I bought the comic from) but still I think it was worth it.

The comic came in the mail today so I thought I would post the picture of it on the blog.

Special Inauguration Day Edition with Barack Obama

Special Inauguration Day Edition with Barack Obama

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