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Maybe Scrubs will actually have an audience now.

While on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Scrubs star Zach Braff plugged the porno that is poking fun of the comedy that airs on ABC.

The porno parody is being released by NewSensations after its success with other parody pornos such as The Office XXX and Seinfield XXX.

I have to give them props for their likeness of the show. Just judging from the trailer, the parody does well in capturing the actual Scrubs characters. The only one I was disappointed with is the Janitor. His parody opposite looks nothing like him. Braff said, it’s like they just asked anybody to do it.

Playing Braff is being played by AVN male performer of the year James Dean who also played Jim in the Office parody. ( For those of you who don’t know AVN is like the Oscar for porn. It’s a pretty big deal.)


Ralph Long is playing the Janitor.

Ralph Long is playing the Janitor.

The movie is scheduled to hit shelves in late May.

I think it is funny that Braff had no problem plugging the movie and thought it was cool that they were making a parody of the show.

Check out the article on CRAVE which has videos of interviews with the cast.

I honestly think that Sarah Chalke is hotter than her counterpart but it is a pretty good likeness.



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southlandMight be more than just another cop drama.

“Southland” will premiere tonight on NBC. But I have already seen it thanks to the free download off of iTunes.

Based on the 9,800 cops that patrol the city of Los Angeles, “Southland” seems to be headed in the right direction. The show had a very good pilot and as long as it keeps up the fast pace plot movement than I think this show will do well because it doesn’t try to hide behind special effects or inter office relationships but rather the struggles of being a cop.

Gang violence, kidnapping and police shootings are in a days work for rookie officer Ben Sherman (played by actor Benjamin McKenzie The O.C.). The story, for the most part, follows Sherman and his training officer on patrol as he is learning the ropes and his training officer has little pity for his “wet behind the ears” look.

However, there is a very familiar look to this new show. Since the show is produced by the same guy who did ER on the very same network, it is not surprising that this has a very ER look to it. (Fast cameras, shot on scene, etc)

But this show also reminds me of the show Boomtown which lasted about two seasons on NBC back in 2000. Boomtown told a story through a variety of points of view, which I thought was very interesting, but apparently no one else did because of its short run.

Alan Sepinwell from The Star Ledger said “Southland” is the more technically accomplished show, as you might expect from “ER” producer John Wells and frequent collaborators like writer Ann Biderman and director Christopher Chulack. The show is basically “Third Watch” West, minus the paramedics and plus a dose of salty language (some bleeped, some not) not heard on network TV since “NYPD Blue.” It looks great, makes good use of Los Angeles locations and has a solid ensemble cast (including Regina King and Tom Everett Scott as detectives).”

I think Regina King is probably one of the most underrated stars of our time and it is her attitude and ability that has probably saved a lot of movies and television shows before so I believe that this time it will be no different.

If “Southland” has any chance of surviving it will no doubt rest on King’s shoulders.

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