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text_messageTwo central Pennsylvania friends spent most of March in a text-messaging record attempt, exchanging a total of 217,000 messages to each other.

However, one of the two was surprised when he had a $26,000 bill.

Nick Andes, 29, and Doug Klinger, 30, were relying on their unlimited text messaging plans to get them through their elaborate plans for breaking some sort of record, so Andes didn’t expect such a big bill.

Andes said that his bill came in a box that cost him an additional $27.55. Andes said he “panicked” and called T-Mobile, which told the Associated Press it had credited his account and was investigating the charges.

Before beginning their attempt at this thumb sore, Andes searched for the largest monthly text message total, and found that a man named Deepak Sharma in Indian had sent 182,000 in one month.

Andes and Klinger were able to set up their phones to send multiple messages. During a February test run they found they could send 6,000 or 7,000 messages on some days, prompting the March messaging marathon.

“Most were either short phrases or one word, ‘LOL’ or ‘Hello,’ things like that, with tons and tons of repeats,” Andes told the Associated Press.

Andes sent more than 140,000 messages, and Klinger sent more than 70,000 to end the month with just a totalof just over 217,000, he said.

Read the full article, here on Yahoo.


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Earlier this semester, the SGA passed the “Promoting a Healthier Campus” resolution during a meeting. The resolution would prevent students from smoking on campus after a six month “soft launch” term and would take full effect beginning in January. 

However, the Arkansas legislature just passed the Arkansas Clean Air on Campus Act, which will prohibit smoking o any campus of a state supported institution of higher in education in Arkansas beginning August 1, 2010.

Since the SGA proposal would go into effect more than a year before the state law’s restrictions. Under the SGA resolution, smoking would still be permitted on Greek, staff and faculty housing and athletics’ facilities.

But the state law would prohibit smoking on ANY part of campus.

The SGA resolution still needs approval from Chancellor Robert Potts and the Arkansas State University Board of Trustees.

So what are some of your thoughts? If public schools in Arkansas are entirely smoke free, will that effect your decision to attend school in Arkansas or look elsewhere? How important is being able to smoke on campus to you?

Read Herald Opinion Editor Meghan Allen’s story here.

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Probably the best headline ever written. Ever.

But what does getting busted for smoking the grassing get you these days? No more than a slap on the wrist. Sure, Phelps lost a couple of endorsements such as Kelloggs and Subway but that just mean other brands will jump at the chance to endorse him when he wins eight more gold medals for the U.S. in 2012.

Michael Phelps was pictured taking a hit from a bong during a party at the University of South Carolina.

Michael Phelps was pictured taking a hit from a bong during a party at the University of South Carolina.

At http://www.asuherald.com, one person commented on Austin’s column citing that “it is actually not bad to smoke weed in public.” Sure its not bad. Illegal. But not bad. Bad is such a loose word.

“Children need to realize that people can drink and smoke weed a lot and still be badass and win everything,” the comment continued. Really? Children need to realize that their ‘heroes’ smoke pot and drink just like daddy? Why don’t you just go ahead and tell them there is no Santa Clause too. Sorry Virgina.

Someone did try to sell Phelps’ bong on E-bay before they were busted. They had nearly sold it for $100,000. Nice try my friends, but maybe you should have done it more privately. That’s why its called the black-market.

So what do you think? Should Phelps be punished or banned from the Olympics? Do you think Phelps will ever be sponsored by “family oriented” products again?

And if you just happen to see Michael Phelps on the street, tell him to pass that shit.

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Dr. Mark Bauerlein, a professor of English at Emory University, in his newest book, “The Dumbest Generation:  How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future;Or, Don’t Trust Anyone Under 30,”  complains how young Americans are too dependent on technology and what should have made us smarter and more knowledgeable has only made us ignorant.

“The Dumbest Generation” argues that “the digital age stupefies young Americans” and lays out a compelling vision for how society can address the future. For more information about Dr. Bauerlein and his book, visit http://www.dumbestgeneration.com/.

Bauerlein will appear on Tuesday Feb. 9 at 7 p.m. in the Student Union Auditorium.

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According to Yahoo!, the Scion tc is the second most ticketed car.

According to Yahoo!, the Scion tc is the second most ticketed car.

I bought my Scion tc during the Summer of 2007 and since then I have been pulled over at least five times and two of those times I received tickets. Three of those times were for speeding.

I bought my Rodeo in 2002 during my senior year of high school and was not pulled over nearly as much. I also was able to drive away without getting a ticket more often as well.

I always believed that cops like to target my Scion tc, and now I have proof.

According to an article on Yahoo!, the Scion tc ranks as the number 2 most pulled over car, reasoning that the car is “popular among young people.”

The article continued, “Its sporty performance, which comes at a price that makes affording tickets easy, probably helps tempt some drivers as well.”

The number one most pulled over vehicle was the Hummer H2.

I will admit that sometimes I do deserve speeding ticket. (Going 90 in a 65 is not exactly obeying the law.)

Needless to say, I do drive more cautiously to try to avoid getting a speeding ticket. My dad is tired of paying the tickets and the increased insurance rates because of them.

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How is this video any worse than some of the commercials that have not been band?

Victoria Secret commercials get away with showing women in bra and panties so why does PETA get punished for doing the same thing. It doesn’t make sense to me.

It does everything a commercial is supposed to do. It has sex. It grabs your attention. And it is somewhat funny. “Vegetarians have better sex.” is a great tag line.

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It is not uncommon for a coach to be accused of running up a score.

Whether it is continuing to throw passes during the fourth quarter or shooting three pointers late in the game.

Recently a high school basketball coach from Texas was fired after being unapologetic after defeating a team 100-0.

Head coach Micah Grimes sent an email to the Dallas Morning news explaining that he would not apologize “for a wide margin of victory when my girls played with honor and integrity.”

On its Web site last week, Covenant, a private Christian school, posted a statement regretting the outcome of its Jan. 13 shutout win over Dallas Academy. “It is shameful and an embarrassment that this happened. This clearly does not reflect a Christlike and honorable approach to competition,” said the statement, signed by Queal and board chair Todd Doshier.

I don’t think the coach is the wrong here. It takes two teams to lose that horribly. Shooting threes late in the fourth quarter may seem a little much, but what would you like them to do, Take a knee?

The losing team has a total of 20 girls in its entire school and is winless over the last four season.

Maybe Dallas Academy should end its basketball program. You barely have a roster to begin with, at (8). You haven’t won a game since 2005. Give it up.

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