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Well, The Herald seems a little empty today. Lots of our staff members left yesterday for the National College Media Convention in Kansas City. I stuck around because I have a wedding to be in this weekend (not to mention, running the paper & a million other things).

I’m about to start working on Monday’s paper, a special Election edition! It will include stories discussing the candidates’ stances on various issues and ASU students and faculty members’ opinions about them.

PLUS it will include the results of our campus-wide survey, which we conducted last week! Interested to see where your fellow students stand on the issues and who they’re voting for? Pick up The Herald Monday afternoon.


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Media & Politics

It’s finally the weekend.
I’m pretty glad about that though it doesn’t look like I’m gonna have much down time over the next two days. But that’s ok. At least class won’t be a part of it.

Yesterday ASU’s student chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists hosted a panel on “Media & Politics.” There we had Dr. Wang, chair of the Political Science Department, Kelly Kissel of the Associated Press, and Elizabeth Aymond of the Republican Party.

The discussion got a little heated as one lady in the audience kept insisting that the media is completely liberally biased. Kissel and Wang begged to differ. (I begged to agree) But anyway, the panel was interesting and went well.

This week we at The Herald took a survey among students about the presidential election. Stories telling the results will run Nov. 3 in The Herald. It’s an issue you won’t want to miss.

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I’m moving on…

I am really tired. Just when I thought getting out of the office at 11:45 was too good to be true, I realized… it was. Last night was another 1:15er, but that’s ok.

On a positive note, we FINALLY got our TV in The Herald working… all four channels.

Today’s paper was out at an astounding 2:30! Pretty incredible I do say… If you’re wondering, which you’re probably not, why there hasn’t been an issue in color yet, it’s because the man in the print shop who knows how to print in color is MIA, and apparently no one else down there knows how to do it.It looks like I may never know what it’s like as editor to put out a color paper.

On a different note… I typed up this long rant of a post the other day about how I was tossing CNN to the wind and going full Fox News, but then I ended up not posting it because I probably, unfortunately, will continue to watch CNN sometimes (like when Fox is on commercial). But really, I am getting really fed up with the liberals (disguised as journalists) at CNN. (Campbell Brown, for one). Oh & lo & behold, Glenn Beck, the only conservative on Headline News/CNN is moving to Fox! What a surprise… they just couldn’t stand having one differing viewpoint with them any longer. I had always thought I couldn’t get used to watching any other network because I had “grown up” with CNN, but I’m learning to be quite comfortable with those at Fox News. You should turn your TV to channel 53 as well; you just might feel the same.

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Howdy. Well production night is getting kicked off. Tomorrow’s paper will include (I think)… SGA coverage, a story about the lack of dental schools around, a story about going green and more. Be sure and check it out!

Right now, I’m just getting started editing the stories and waiting for the Presidential debate to start. Maintenance STILL hasn’t gotten our cable hooked up in here, so I am gonna try my hardest to find a place where I can watch the debate online. Every other time I’ve tried, this computer wouldn’t download whatever I needed to watch live video. But Meghan said she found a Web site (hulu) that should work. Hopefully!

Well, I better get to work. Be sure and pick up a paper tomorow!

And post a comment and let me know what you think about tonight’s debate!

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Chris Bynum, a 1970 graduate of the Journalism Department, is on campus today speaking with journalism classes. She’ll be speaking with our Herald staff at 5 p.m.

She is a former editor of The Herald and is a health and fitness writer for the New Orleans Times-Picayune. She was part of the pulitzer prize-winning staff that covered Hurricane Katrina.

In my feature writing class at 2 p.m., she spoke and showed us a slideshow of images from Katrina. It was very interesting to hear someone who not only covered the disaster but lived it. Ms. Bynum lost her home and all her belongings in the flood. She told us how she had to balance living the storm with covering it.

She also told about her days as a fashion writer. She often covered big events like NYC’s “Fashion Week.” There, she attended Cher’s Halloween/Birthday party, about which she wrote a piece “Desperately seeking Cher.” (She never found her)

To read some of Ms. Bynum’s work, click here

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Power Out*Power On

Power Out*

So, I just typed out a whole blog post, and then the electricity randomly shut off for a half a second, causing me to lose everything. How nice.

My computer in my office is really screwed up anyway, I’m pretty sure. It has been taking multiple tries (refresh, refresh, refresh) every time I even try to go to a Web site!

So, now I’m on one of these staff computers out in The Herald newsroom. If anyone reading this knows what’s wrong with my computer, please help! It is ESPECIALLY stubborn when trying to use the wonderful new ASU Web site. Every single time I try to type something in the search bar, it freezes up, and I’m forced to force quit. It’s really pleasant.

But enough of that.

Power On*

My ORIGINAL post today was about how I think, after 12 issues, I’m finally starting to get the hang of this editor thing. I got out of here last night at 12:30, and (compared to previous experiences) I was pretty pleased with that.

And, I think the papers are starting to improve (appearance and quality). Hopefully, I’m not just kidding myself. You be the judge.

We are still working to get our new Web site launched. Please be patient with us! Jonathan (online editor) and I had a conference call a few days ago with the guy from the company that hosts our site. And now it’s just a matter of learning how to operate everything before we officially launch.

We are also working on ideas for how to cover the presidential election on Nov. 4. We’re thinking of doing a whole issue (Nov. 3) devoted to the subject with lots of different stories about it. What do you think? Have any ideas of things we should cover?

For one thing, we’ve collaborated with The Cavalier Daily of the Univ. of Virginia on a project in which we (along with many other schools) submitted questions for the candidates to answer. If all works out as planned, we should receive back their answers to the questions (that were selected to be asked) so we can run them in The Herald.

So keep on reading and keep on logging on… good things are comin’

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issue #11

Hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend!

My Saturday was spent writing a feature story, so it wasn’t all that fabulous…

And now, it’s production night once again… working to put out issue #11 of The Herald! Tomorrow’s paper will include coverage from the Paul Shanklin lecture Thursday night (the conservative political satirist), an article about a new relaxation program the counseling center is doing, and I believe a story about intramurals and McCain’s stance on college-related issues (remember we already ran one about Obama’s).

So did you all watch the VP debate Thursday? What did you think?? Comment and let me know…

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