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more on the way

We at The Herald hope you all have been enjoying our new blogs! And from our site statistics, it appears that you have! Inside 224 is the most read element on our site! Thanks for reading! Keep coming back for fresh, continuous updates. And be looking out for more blogs on the way! Over the past few days, I have had other staff members interested in keeping blogs on various subjects, and we are looking to expand our blogosphere to include even more, wide-ranging subjects. Do you have a good idea for a blog for our site? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Until next time, have a great Labor Day, and be praying for those potentially affected by Gustav…


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snap out of it!

So, there it was… Barack Obama’s “historic” speech. (his acceptance speech of the Democratic party’s nomination). For the first ten minutes or so, I couldn’t stop rolling my eyes and leaving the room. It was the same “inspirational, change we can believe in” rhetoric we’ve heard all year. Then, finally, after 18 or so months, he started talking about specific plans for what he would do as president. I must admit, it was a powerful speech. (not powerful enough to persuade me, but powerful nonetheless). He also refuted every attack John McCain and the Republicans have and are planning to make against him, not that his refutations were actually substantial but they’ll definitely satisfy anyone who doesn’t dig deeper.
But the most striking thing to me about his speech, was the audience! I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. These people were literally crying. They stared at him so completely mesmerized that it was laughable. I just wanted to snap my fingers in front of them and remind them it’s only a political campaign! Women were literally raising their arms towards Heaven as if God had just sent them some kind of divine gift. And then, to top it off, they played the sappy music from the end of “Remember the Titans.” I was suddenly confused if I was watching a political convention or some sort of nation-wide revival service…. Come on people, snap out of it!

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It’s here!

The first issue of The Herald is officially out! Pick one up almost anywhere on campus or visit our Web site. And, I was right… seeing the finished product in print almost made me forget about the sleepless night I spent working on it 🙂
Now, it’s on to the next issue! Since we are out of school Monday for Labor Day, the next issue will be next Thursday, Sept. 4. We’re working on a story about the growing International population at ASU, the expanding language department, the new Sigma Pi Fraternity House, and a lot more. Also, our first Arts&Features page of the semester will be in next Thursday’s issue, so be looking out for that!

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Well, the first issue is at the press! I must admit, I think I got broken in really quickly. I was here at the Herald until almost three this morning, went home, slept for three hours and came back to finish. But it’s finally done, and I think when I see the printed version, it will be well worth it. And, I think the first issue looks pretty good (for a brand new editor and all)… then again, I had a lot of help. Ms. Thrasher graciously stayed at the Herald with me until two something and gave me lots of good advice. Meghan and Sam did a great job on their pages as well (opinions & sports). Everyone needs to go check out Meghan’s new blog “eco-logically sound.” And of course, pick up a paper this afternoon! It’s on 26 newstands campus-wide! 🙂

p.s. somebody fill me in on the convention last night…I missed allllllll of it. (our TV is not installed yet)

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michelle obama’s speech

Well, I thought her speech started kind of slow, but she finally built some momentum. She tried again to counteract her previous statements about “never before being proud of her country” by tonight saying the “reasons why she loves her country.” That got a big round of applause.

Right now, the Obamas’ daughters are talking to their dad via satellite. I must admit, they’re really cute. Anyway, I don’t think it was the best first night ever for a convention. Yet, I see plenty of democrats in the crowd wiping tears. I always think that’s a little silly… Democrat or Republican.

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a day of firsts

Today, we had our first full staff meeting for The Herald. It went well. We’ve pretty much got everything set for issue number one. We’ll run a story with building updates for all the new buildings on campus, a preview of SGA President Ryan Beaird’s plans for the semester, first football game preview, and a lot more. Also, our opinions editor Meghan Allen has decided to write an environmental issues blog, which will also be linked to our site.

Right now… I’m sitting here watching the first night of the Democratic National Convention. Michelle Obama’s brother just introduced her and she is about to speak. So far, the convention has been pretty dull. (Even CNN’s analysts said so). But I’m sure Michelle’s speech will get everyone riled up…. I’ll blog more later

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and tomorrow… it begins

So, classes begin in the morning. This weekend has actually gotten me semi-pumped about it though. Everyone I love is back on campus, which is a lot of fun, and for now, I’m kind of looking forward to things. We had our first Herald editors’ meeting today, & I think it went well. Cecily is planning to do some arts & features type videos, which should be cool, so be looking out for that at asuherald.com And, our sports editor, Sam Pierce is keeping a “Sports Related” blog, which you should also check out.

In other news, the Democratic National Convention starts tomorrow, for those of you who care. Michelle Obama will speak tomorrow night and I think Nancy Pelosi. (For the record, I’m voting for McCain) but I’m a political junkie and will probably watch every night of the DNC’s convention this week. I’m excited because we’re getting a TV in the Herald office this semester! 🙂 So, I won’t miss anything even on late nights at the Herald. Speaking of politics… Do you have a strong opinion about one or both of the candidates? Send us your opinion piece and we’ll publish it in the Herald. Mail our opinions editor at meghan.allen@smail.astate.edu

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